About Joshua Evans

Josh started his career in the military where he served two tours of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. After leaving the military, he received his law degree from St. Louis University. Immediately after receiving his license, Josh began his career in the courtroom-winning his first jury trial. From his beginning as a general trial attorney handling both criminal and civil litigation, Josh learned the skills and determination necessary to succeed in high-stakes litigation.

Today, Josh thrives in the areas of wrongful death, serious personal injury, and occasionally assisting other lawyers in general civil litigation. A major turning point for Josh’s practice came when he accepted a personal injury matter where two other lawyers turned down the representation. Without trial, Josh was able to secure full and fair compensation to the victim in the amount of $500,000. Coincidentally, Josh began receiving many referrals from other lawyers after that resolution.

More About Josh

Josh has litigated personal injury cases where the resolution involved seven-figures of compensation to the victim. He regularly co-counsels and accepts referrals from general practitioners in serious automobile injury and complex personal injury matters. In addition, probate and estate lawyers regularly consult, co-counsel, and refer estate litigation matters to Josh, tapping into his wealth of knowledge and experience in litigation.

Not afraid to take on the powerful, Josh has made a cornerstone of his practice fighting powerful institutions and governmental entities. For instance, Josh litigated in the Central District of Illinois a matter resulting in nearly $100,000 in compensation to a wrongful arrestee who sustained no bodily injuries. While he routinely sees bodily injury cases, Josh has litigated serious property damages claims as well. In 2018, Josh successfully litigated a federal court case against the City of Grafton resulting in the City compensating the victims’ for the loss of their homes.

While he may be more known for lawsuits against governmental entities, Josh has litigated against hospitals, large corporations, institutional banks, and greedy insurance companies. His passion for helping those in need comes from his military service and upbringing in a small farming community in Greene County, Illinois.