Seeking justice for police brutality or misconduct can seem like an impossible task. False claims made against you by officers can not only cost you your lawsuit but could also result in an unfair criminal conviction.

If you have been injured or wrongly charged due to police misconduct, reach out to a skilled attorney at our firm right away. Our Madison County police misconduct lawyers are adept at handling civil rights cases and want to work with you to build an irrefutable defense.

Police Misconduct in Madison County

Abuse of power by police is a violation of an individual’s civil rights. This misconduct can present itself both verbally and physically. Some common forms of police misconduct in include:

  • Brutality or excessive force
  • Racial profiling
  • Evidence tampering
  • Harassment
  • Unwarranted searching of a person’s vehicle
  • Wrongful imprisonment

Anyone who has experienced any of the actions listed above should reach out to a skilled police brutality attorney in Madison County to learn about their rights in the situation and how to seek justice.

Consequences of Police Brutality

When victims work with a legal professional to bring an officer or officers to justice, the lawyer is not only accounting for physical damages. Some of the longest-lasting effects of police brutality are emotional, so a knowledgeable attorney in Madison County will likely include emotional damages as part of the compensation they are seeking.

Anyone who violates or deprives another person of their civil rights could be subject to criminal convictions, and police are no exception. 18 U.S.C. §242 states that it is unlawful to deprive an individual of their civil rights based on race or nationality.

A police officer may face up to a year in prison, fines, or both for discriminatory acts if found guilty. If those acts involve the use of deadly weapons or explosives, the charges could increase to up to ten years.

Suing Police Officers

Winning a civil lawsuit against a police officer in Madison County usually requires more evidence than a civil lawsuit against another civilian. Police have qualified immunity, which requires a plaintiff to prove that they got injured by an officer’s willful misconduct instead of negligence.

Qualified immunity aims to prevent police from being sued by every person they make necessary physical contact with. It has also made justice less accessible for victims of police brutality or other misconduct. Working with a police misconduct attorney gives claimants a significant advantage compared to trying to navigate the intricacies of a lawsuit alone.

Why Hire an Attorney?

Because police have access to evidence in most situations, they can easily manipulate it or give false testimony that could lead the court to believe that the victim deserved the treatment they received. It is because of this that many victims of police misconduct decline to come forward.

Remaining silent is a mistake. With a police brutality attorney on their side, people in Madison County can be more knowledgeable and proactive about their approach to the case. An attorney could advise them to take pictures or record a video of the incident and its aftermath to gain necessary evidence.

A knowledgeable attorney understands how an officer covers their tracks and may take steps to preempt any evidence tampering. Anyone who has experienced this needs to retain legal representation as soon as possible because the faster an attorney can begin investigating the case, the more evidence they could uncover.

Contact a Police Misconduct Attorney in Madison County

If you have been the victim of police officer misconduct or brutality, do not delay consulting with a Madison County police misconduct lawyer at our firm. Contact us to discuss your case and start building a defense.