Workplace sexual harassment is a violation of an employee’s right to a safe work environment. If you are being inappropriately interacted with at work, there might be legal recourses you can take.

Meeting with a Madison County sexual harassment lawyer could help you understand your rights and file a claim against the liable party or your employer. If you are afraid to speak up about being inappropriately harassed, a personal injury attorney could fight for fair treatment in your place of employment.

What is Considered Sexual Harassment in Madison County?

This type of action can include a variety of lewd behaviors in a variety of settings. Sexual harassment is defined as any:

  • Inappropriate commentary
  • Physical advances
  • Suggestive communication or body language
  • Display of suggestive material
  • Other unwanted sexual attention

In the workplace, sexual harassment is unwelcome vulgar conduct offered as a contingency of employment, promotion, or another opportunity. This unwanted, inappropriate behavior creates a hostile, intimidating work environment and might inhibit the harassed employee from doing their job correctly.

If an employer is the one saying or doing inappropriate things, they could face criminal charges. The impacted party should consult with a Madison County attorney familiar with cases involving someone being sexually harassed before taking any action. They could help a claimant understand how to address the situation without inciting further suffering or retaliation.

Employer Responsibility

The Illinois Department of Human Rights mandates all employers to conduct sexual harassment prevention trainings for their employees. Some businesses must also have a policy for vulgar actions in place that all employees must follow. The policy explains the repercussions of not following the standards detailed therein and lists the steps someone can take if they feel they are being treated inappropriately by another staff member.

Harassment policies are particularly important for businesses that do not have a human resources department. Employees must have somewhere to turn if they feel they are the subject of sexual misconduct. If a business owner fails to have procedures in place for workplace harassment, they could be liable if the victim files a claim.

Proving Vulgar Actions and References

In a sexual misconduct case, the plaintiff will need to prove that they experienced inappropriate treatment. They must provide evidence that they were subject to harassment based on their sex, the dynamics of the work environment changed because of it, and that the employer might be liable in some way.

Unfortunately, because many instances of this misconduct are verbal, they could be challenging to prove. An employee who feels that someone is harassing them should keep all written correspondence from the harasser and any voicemails. They should also make a note of anyone else who is present when the misconduct takes place.

A Madison County attorney knowledgeable of cases where someone is sexually harassed could help a claimant gather evidence in their case.

What is Workplace Retaliation?

Too often, people who are treated inappropriately do not come forward with a claim because they fear retaliation from their employer, manager, or coworker. Workplace retaliation happens when an employer or worker either tries to intimidate the harassed person from filing a claim or treats them poorly for doing so. Some examples of retaliation include threats, demotion, or termination.

Retaliation against employees for taking a protected action is illegal. A sexual misconduct attorney in Madison County could help harassed people file a claim.

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You do not have to put up with inappropriate sexual treatment, especially in the workplace. Our talented legal team is adept at helping people navigate the claims process and handle retaliation and continued suffering. Contact a Madison County sexual harassment lawyer at our firm to retain the professional ally you need.


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